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You can create a new character by going to the main page and clicking on the "New Character" button on the top of the screen". Insert the name of your hero, choose their level, class and gender and click on the "Create" button.

*please note that the hero's name must contain at least 3 characters and it must contain only letters (no numbers or special characters). Don't insert your battletag as your character's name.


After creating a new character, you can start adding gear. Click on any item slot (for example, weapon) to begin editing it.

    1. Choose "Item Type" according to the weapon you have in game (axe, mace, etc).

    2. Now insert the mininum and maximum damage of your weapon:
    note: if for some reason you need to change the damage of your weapon later on, you can select "Damage" in drop-down box and re-enter damage values.

    3. if your weapon has other statistics like dexterity, vitality, etc; you can add them also.

    4. if your weapon has a gem slot, you can add a gem by selecting gem color (red, purple, green or yellow) and clicking on the gem you wish to add.

    - to remove any stat except damage and armor, simply click on it in the item window
    - damage and armor can not be removed, they can only be modified by selecting the appropriate box and entering a new value

When you are finished editing an item, you can attach it to your character by clicking on the "Equip item" button


You can move an item from your character to your inventory (and back) by dragging it, and all the stats on your character will automatically be re-calculated. If you wish, you can create several items for any slot, and compare the effects on your character.


Once you have created all the items for your character, you can save it by clicking on the "Save Character" button. You will receive 2 links:
    - first link can be used to further modify that character, and it should be kept private. Anyone with this link will be able to modify or remove any gear from saved character, so we advise you to keep this link to yourself
    - second link is a "read-only" link; you can share it with your friends or on forums, everyone will be able to see your character, but they won't be able to make any permanent* changes on it.

*visitors with "read-only" can make temporary changes but they will not be able to permanently save character with different gear set.


Q: Why can't I place gems in certain item slots
A: Belt, boots, shoulders, bracers, gloves can not have sockets in game, so we removed them from Diablo-Heroes also.

Q: Attack speed on my weapon is not accounted in "bonus attack speed". Why?
A: Attack speed and bonus damage on weapons are already accounted for in weapon's DPS, they do not boost your damage further, so we don't display them as bonus.

Q: I have found some bugs, where can I report them?
A: Please check out list of known issues, and if you can't find your problem there, report it here

Q: I have created a new character, geared him up and sent a link to a friend, but he just sees it naked!
A: You have to save a character first, check out "SAVING A CHARACTER" above.

Q: I saved my character, but all items from my inventory are gone!
A: For now, inventory is meant to be a temporary storage. Any items left in it, after closing in your browser, will be gone.

Q: When I was editing my weapon, I've entered it's minimum and maximum damage and it's dps was fine. But when I added a red gem to it, minimum and maximum damage went up, and now it's showing a higher dps than it actually has.
A: +[arcane/holy/fire/cold/poison/lightning] damage, +% damage, +minimum and maximum damage and red gems are already accounted for in your weapon's minimum and maximum damage shown on top.
    You don't have to add +[arcane/holy/fire/cold/poison/lightning] damage, +% damage, bonus minimum or maximum on your weapon

Q: My calculated damage is not the same as in game. Why?
A: Due to rounding of certain calculations, your damage might be different from the one shown in game by 0.1% or less. Blizzard has strange calculations for some items (like this one).
If your damage shown on diablo-heroes is a lot different then the one shown in game, please make sure that you have inserted all damage modifiers to your items (crit chance, crit damage, etc).

Q: What does the "Damage Change" table represent?
A: It shows how much your damage will change if you add +10 of your primary stat on your items (strength for barbarians, intellect for witch doctors and wizards, and dexterity for monks and demon hunters), or if you add +1% critical chance, +1% attack speed (on any item except weapons), and +10% critical damage.
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